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Hands-On Networking

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This is a structured networking event designed to elicit novel thinking, conversations, and knowledge sharing.

Incorporate LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to add another, multi-sensory layer to traditional networking.

  • Interact on a deeper level

  • 100% engagement and inclusivity

  • Articulate intangible concepts, like value propositions, through the models

  • Effectively uncover the relationships and connections between people and their worlds.

  • The bricks make it easy to see and understand perceptions and realities.

  • Flexibility to pre-determine the appropriate focus of discussions whether they are more general introductions or about a specific theme such as an ideal client persona

As your group engages in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY process, they apply a new tool for communicating on a deeper level.

*The venue needs to allow space for the building and appropriate


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