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Grant Leibbrandt has two decades of experience working with companies of all sizes to enhance their performance. They have ranged from multinationals in the FMCG and software space to ISP's, associations, banks and hospitality businesses.


He has a Master's Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Singapore Management University as well as a finance degree and marketing diploma. He is accredited in numerous innovation coaching and facilitation techniques. His entrepreneurial insights are based on international experience running businesses ranging from 'brick and mortar' B2B service companies, a consultancy and a tech start-up.  

From his insights from running businesses and through his immersion in the world of innovation, Grant understands the necessity of not only bringing new offerings to market. He believes in the power of creating conducive environments, removing barriers and using collaborative frameworks to elicit contributions from all of the business's stakeholders.

Grant's experience facilitating and training, on and offline groups has equipped him with the ability to design and implement a broad range of programmes that build capacity and ignite collaboration in companies and organisations.


He has mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs with the SEA, SBMS and other organisations.


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