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3C's Innovation Kickstart

Collaboration - Coaching - Capacity building

This package is for you if it's business as usual, you may be resting on your laurels or you're facing increasing competition or you want to inspire urgency to innovate, build sustainable, ongoing mindsets and culture, and build momentum while leveraging your employees' knowledge and experience.

How we light the spark and give you sustainable momentum


Harness the collective intelligence, experience and knowledge of employees using innovative frameworks to deliver quantifiable results and data.


 Accredited one-on-one coaching with leaders will open minds using techniques from international experts.

Capacity building

The Leading Teams for Innovation training course is designed to equip managers with the tools and knowledge to create the ideal circumstances for innovation to flourish.

This package pulls 3 individual components together to create an effective, sustainable means of igniting innovation in companies.

  1. Organisations such as ranging from multinationals to industry associations and medium-sized companies have used our collaborative frameworks to guide thinking and gather data using our proprietary techniques.

  2. We have built leadership capacity for over 4 years at the Chamber of Commerce.

  3. Our coaching techniques have been proven to assist in instilling new ways of solving business problems and promoting different ways of thinking. 

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