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A playful and experiential team based business simulationIn collaboration with Imagine Nation

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Cultivating an intrapreneurial, collaborative, and experimental business enterprise culture! A playful and experiential team-based business simulation in collaboration with ImaginationTM

The Game Design encapsulates

10% Theory

30% Theory into Practice 

60% Application in Real Life and On the Job

Players learn to develop and apply new intrapreneurial ways of doing business within a foundational game structure of a business simulation with both achievement and competitive elements.

Players have permission, safety, and trust to be courageous, creative, and compassionate to learn through applying innovation, design thinking, and start-up principles and techniques in an experiential and collaborative adult learning environment.

Players are freed of their constrained conventional rules, in-the-box, business, as usual, thinking habits, and status quo conditioning. Players co-create an energising, judgment-free, improvisational and experimental, and experiential learning and play space that allows players to safely fail fast to learn often, cheaply, and quickly.

Explore InnovationTM offers this exciting solution partnership with ImagineNationTM who are acknowledged as global thought leaders in the people side of innovation who have a treasure trove of articles, testimonials, white papers and blogs posts to support organisational change, learning and coaching processes.

  • Are deeply knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in designing and delivering innovative and enduring deep learning solutions.

  • Have a wide range of unique, proven assessment tools and resources that help leaders, teams and organisations thrive through disruption

  • Adult, experiential, action and e-learning specialists who are technology savvy in ways that save your people both time and money. 

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