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The start-up game
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Innovation Building Activities

Explore Innovation, along with Compass Learning t/a ImagineNation,  brings together decades of experience in the corporate training and events space, and offers a range of seriously fun activities built on tried-and-tested concepts. 


These immersive exercises produce innovation-related learnings and outcomes and have been used with some of Australia's most prominent companies. They build on our range of structured networking products.


They address a wide range of topics that fall under the umbrella of innovation. Be it unconventional thinking, collaboration, communication, alignment, lean startup thinking, or dealing with disruption and uncertainty.

The Start-up Game

A playful and experiential team-based business simulation in collaboration with Imagination. Duration: 2 Days Group size:12-50pax

Chasm -X              

Teams must cross into the realm of possibility and break existing paradigms. Duration: 1-2 Hours Group size 6-30 pax

Innovation Sense

While engaging in numerous multi-sensory,  creative thinking exercises, participants acquire a toolbox of creative thinking tools. Duration: 1-2 Hours Group size 6-30 pax



Participants will have fun, share knowledge and develop common understanding by thinking with their hands and enhancing future collaboration. Duration: 2 Hours Group size 6-30 pax

Coming  soon :

Money talk

X or  Y


A-count- ability    


Duration: Varies

Group size 6-100  pax

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