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‘Tickling the senses can lead to greater creativity’

Scott Barry Kaufman Ph.D.


All of your employees can be creative with the right training and encouragement.


 Dr Tina Seelig from Stanfords D-School proposes that knowledge is an important part of the Innovation Engine, as such harnessing that know-how is critical to creating relevant and feasible ideas.

In Thinkertoys: A Handook of Creative Thinking, Michael Michalko proposes that the only difference between creative people and those not is belief. Thus by instilling the mindset it will lead to tangible results.

The organizations of the future will increasingly depend on the creativity of their members to survive.                                                                                     Warren Bennis

Tools PHS_edited.png
Tools PHS_edited.png

The aim of Innovation Sense is to use scientifically proven links between creativity and the senses in order to release a wealth of ideas and build a sustainable toolbox that employees can take away to use in the future. 

These senses include the 5 commonly accepted ones - visual, auditory, tactile, taste, and smell- plus the '6th sense' of intuition. 

All of your employees can be creative with the right training and encouragement. The toolbox of techniques that participants will acquire includes:

  • Reframing

  • Analogies

  • Disruptive Questioning

  • Improvisation

  • Free Writing

  • Priming

Empowering employees with tools to further stimulate creativity, ensures that future ideation sessions are as effective as possible, resulting in enhancements of all sizes from incremental through to institutional.

The techniques that are conveyed are tied to one of the senses, thus creating an indelible impression that will be better retained for future use instead of going in one ear and out the other.

The benefits of engagement build on these associations, guarantee involvement, and ensure that seeds are planted so that creativity can bloom and flourish within the organization.

A handbook with implementation tips and tricks will ensure the participants have the instruments they require to activate the melody and turn up the volume.

Through Innovation Sense, participants will experience the senses in a way that will open their eyes to their potential and get a taste of how to apply those insights to lift the creativity every day within your organization.

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