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Innovation leadership development 

Program Introduction                            

'If your company is really serious about building an innovation engine, then it needs to upgrade everyone’s innovation skills, agree on what counts as innovation, establish comprehensive metrics, hold leaders accountable for innovation, and retool its management processes so they foster innovation everywhere, all the time. These can’t be isolated initiatives; they must work in harmony.' Gary Hamel - visiting professor at London Business School

The program includes:

  • Specialist managerial training focussed on building pre-requisite skills and knowledge to unleash their team's innovative potential. Participants will also acquire a toolbox of divergent creative techniques to ignite employees’ innovative capabilities.

  • Follow-up innovation coaching sessions are used to contextualise and help solve specific challenges of the managers involved.​

  • An online self-assessment gauges a manager’s effectiveness in leading teams and generating optimal creative output. This tool serves as a means for self-reflection and as a standard for future assessments.

Outcomes include learning to embed creativity-generating mechanisms into policies and procedures; using innovation language and questioning techniques changing mindsets and perspectives on innovation and understanding the responsibility and how to spread the word.​


“If you acknowledge that creative thoughts are the engine that drives innovation, suddenly creativity becomes really important.”
                       Tom Kelley, IDEO Partner

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