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Fishing for Innovation


In this dynamic 45-minute talk, attendees will embark on an inspiring journey of igniting innovation and fostering leadership excellence within their organizations. Drawing on the analogy of fishing, the participants will be guided to think beyond traditional boundaries and explore new possibilities.

The talk will delve under the surface of innovation into leadership, cultivating a culture of creativity, empathizing with customers' unmet needs, and thinking "outside-in" to drive innovation. Attendees will discover strategies to leverage their assets effectively, seek new business models, and tap into diverse sources of ideas. Grant will emphasize the importance of evolution, planning, and continuous improvement for success.

Participants will gain insights into leveraging technology, prioritizing customer-centricity, embracing a growth mindset, and fostering collaborative environments. This engaging talk will provide attendees with a broader understanding of innovation, memorable strategies and a common language to ignite innovation and unleash their leadership potential for sustainable growth.

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