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According to Scott Barry Kaufman, PhD. ‘Tickling the senses can lead to greater creativity.

This one-of-a-kind opportunity to treat employees or customers and add value and increase ROI by incorporating appropriate tools to leverage the benefits of the location and wellness incentive.A great deal of research has been conducted on the role of the senses in enhancing and reinforcing human cognitive processes such as creativity and innovation.

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INNOVATION SENSETM is a concept that combines six senses with well-known innovation methodologies. The senses include both those as we know them and in a more modern manner through a sixth sense …. intuition which leverages the power of spontaneity. The creativity-enhancing approaches can include visual literacy, analogical thinking, disruptive questioning, reframing and use of both Innovation Games TM  and Lego serious Play TM

Wellness Inno-centiveTM

Creativity sessions are combined with visits to various sensory locations in the morning. The venue offers a wealth of experiences that will engage and benefit participants' mindsets and well-being. This includes exclusive use of the Moroccan Pavillion, which will serve as today’s central venue and serve both morning tea and lunch.

The creativity-enhancing approaches include visual literacy, analogical thinking, disruptive questioning, and reframing. We also incorporate Innovation Games TM  and Lego Serious Play TM to obtain quantifiable outcomes.

Participants can enjoy the bathing area for as long as they wish between & after their workshops throughout the day.  They can be invigorated by the powers of hot and cold therapy in our state-of-the-art saunas and Ice Cave. Flow between our hot saunas, our sub-zero Ice Cave and Deep Freeze chamber, cold plunge pools and geothermal hot springs. Lockers, towels & Robes

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