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10 Ways to Innovate Meetings to be more Innovative.

Invites have been sent, attendance confirmed, and we are ready to rock and roll! The expectation from some could be that we are going to change the world…or others may look at the event with some cynicism, having been part of many less fruitful initiatives previously.

Meetings… in any company are almost inevitable and today, many are held online. However, there are going to be times when we need to get together to look forward and try to innovate. Can we just sit there with some stickie notes and try to come up with ideas? 

We need to be proactive to get the best return on the time we are investing. How can we create that conducive environment, resources, and agenda to maximise the outcome? By using a variety of methods and answering some questions, we can prevent it from being left to chance. What questions could we ask ourselves?

1.      Can we ‘stir the pot’ and provoke a different mindset set and or get participants to come up with suggestions before they step through the door?

2.      Have we decided on a solution before we start?

3.      Are we going to only look forward or can we design the focus to take a 360-degree view and thereby stimulate the flow of ideas? Are we going to open the floor or give broad guidance as to what direction to go in?

4.      How do we avoid traditional hierarchies and tendencies from dominating the meeting?

5.      Is there anything we can do to enhance the physical environment?

6.      What should we provide to stimulate and capture divergent ideas?

7.      Can we influence the structure of the team beneficially?

8.      What are our expectations, and could they inhibit more unconventional thinking?

9.      Have we designed the language to be used in such a way as to generate a deeper level of creativity and minimise the inhibitions amongst the group?

10.  Do we understand how we can have a process to create, refine, regenerate and, for lack of a better word, re-refine concepts to get to a final range of outcomes we are looking to find?

Most of these considerations are just as valid for off and online meetings.

Get in touch to start the process.

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