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Be a Re-StartUp

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Predominantly, I want to suggest a shift in mindset. Is it know time to release ourselves from the shackles of legacy habits and methods. Does the old dog need to learn new tricks? On the one hand, we had ongoing entities with some kind of ‘product-market’ fit, which is often more than any company starting from the ground up. We are ‘domain experts’ in our businesses and this gives us a competitive advantage over a new entrant/competitor.It’s time for us to go back to the drawing board and reassess how we do business, there are experts in specific niches who would have the know- how on those topics eg eCommerce, finance, online marketing etc etc . The City has given some grants to enable us to take advantage of those services. Sometimes it’s not brain surgery, possibly the answers can be found on YouTube or Quora and sometimes it helps to have someone advising you who knows your context.Surely we know our customers by now? With the changing world, its worth considering if their needs have changed. We need to reposition ourselves and think ‘Outside-In’ and in doing so put ourselves in our customers’ new shoes. Potentially, we need to assess the journey our customers follow from the moment they realise they have a need to their last contact with us in that cycle and how we get them back next time. Is our service quality exceeding their expectations?We can ask ourselves hard questions like ‘What do our customers think sucks about our offering’. People also love helping and its worth using a product like Survey Monkey to understand them again. Let’s be re-startups and not keep doing business the same way. ndoubtedly the world has changed, especially for local businesses. Currently in Melbourne, we face a ‘Ground Hog’ day. We have just been through this nightmare and now we are faced with, literally, the same thing. Yes, there is hope, its only 6 weeks…….. it doesn’t really help does it.

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