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Leading Teams for Innovation


Duration: Full Day + online innovation coaching session

Learning Outcomes:

Team leaders will build leadership skills and competencies to improve creativity, intuitive insight, and bottom-up contributions toward innovation. They will gain the capacity to bring forth new realities and also get insight into the multifaceted field of innovation. They will understand the primary factors affecting mindsets and address the inhibitions and fears of team members.


The participants will be able to incorporate methods that foster creativity into every policy and practice, including incentive systems, meeting formats, evaluations, goal structuring, office architecture, etc. They will understand the essential competencies required from them to elicit innovative behaviours and will be able to benchmark themselves using an online assessment.


They will be able to and identify barriers to innovation; apply divergent and convergent thinking techniques and other mechanisms to enable innovation to flourish.



Team leaders and Business Owners who want to kickstart innovation in their organisations and teams, don’t want to leave creativity to chance, want to create conducive environments, and understand that managing team creativity and being a good leader doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand.


Course contents:

A personal action plan to implement in the workplace and post-course innovation coaching session.

  • An in-depth introduction to the factors affecting the mindsets of their team including conducive and restrictive dimensions.

  • An online self-assessment tool will be used to create a benchmark and test the relevant capabilities of participants.

  • Various case studies will be incorporated

  • Eight essential leadership competencies are unpacked and contextualised to utilise in increasing team creativity

  • A toolbox of 6 creative thinking techniques to uplift individuals’ creative ability.

  • Six energizing interactive experiences for future use in the workplace.

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