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Pop-up Innovation
People prototyping with Lego Serious Play
A wall of post it ideas

Pop-up Innovation Hub


This is a unique offering that temporarily brings the benefits of an Innovation Hub to your doorstep! Co-creation, collaboration and  creativity all fuel the incredible power of this offering.


No need to go off-site or invest in a dedicated space. Avoid allocating this responsibility to a team and thereby removing accountability from everyone else. 


Harness the knowledge, experience and diverse viewpoints of your team using a variety of collaborative tools. Capture their input to create actionable data.


World renowned techniques, including Innovation Games and Lego Serious Play, provide the basis for this intervention and allows us to extract valuable information.


These exercises can also provide a startingstart point for knowledge sharing, both through immediate discussion and, later, for a debrief using quantifiable trends.


Often, innovation efforts don't achieve the high expectations and quickly  lose momentum. The pop-up solution provides a excellent pathway to register some quick wins and lay the foundation for a more innovative route forward.


The offering comes in micro and mini versions targeted at smaller and medium size businesses respectively.

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